Pensacola History

Pensacola is one of the most historic cities in the Southeast. However, our history is often times overlooked by our beautiful white beaches. Although, through many battles and harsh hurricanes as well as fires, we may have lost some historic structures along the way, our story remains. At ECT, we strive to keep Pensacola’s past fresh in our local’s and visitor’s mind.

Tour Guide Rick Brown has been working hard to put together an amazing website that showcases Pensacola History. He has done this on his own, just out of a love for the area. Please visit and dive into the amazing story of America’s First Settlement.

Pensacola History

Things to Do in Pensacola

Looking for something to do in Pensacola? Here are few recommendation from ECT.

Pensacola Bay Brewery – One guess why this our first recommendation.

TT Wentworth Museum and Historic Pensacola Village – really great walking tour of colonial Pensacola. Living history exhibit. Museum of Commerce and Industry.

McGuire’s Irish Pub – Get Rueben Eggrolls. Seriously.