About Emerald Coast Tours

Emerald Coast Tours is a family run business. Nic Schuck, the owner, is a born and raised local and after having spent 10 years in the classroom as a middle and high school teacher decided he enjoyed taking people on field trips more so than lecturing in the classroom. Now, he takes people of all ages on field trips everyday and the streets of Downtown Pensacola are his classroom. However; Nic hasn’t quite left the real classroom either. He can be found teaching a course or two at Pensacola State College in the mornings before he begins his day of giving tours. He is also the author of a surf adventure novel called Native Moments. His daughter, Zoë, can often times be found at the shop helping out.”

Although he would like to, Nick can’t run all the tours by himself. Meet Rick Brown: ECT’s eccentric tour guide. Rick Brown served our great country in the United States Marine Corps and fifteen years as a firefighter. He is also a born and raised local and walking encyclopedia of Pensacola’s history. You will be hard pressed to find anyone else as enthusiastic about Pensacola’s past as Rick. ECT would have a hard time operating if he wasn’t around either.